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Smile Advantage is an in-office dental savings program, backed by proven success!

With our easy-to-use registration & tracking software, dentists can design and build their own customized in-office dental savings plans that generate recurring revenue through a subscription based model, where you set your own fees & keep 100% of the profit.

With Smile Advantage, you only pay one low monthly fee… Unlike the other guys where you will pay per member. 

No administrative fees

Low Monthly Fee

Customized marketing

Savings through Rebates

Save with a low Fixed monthly fee

You can rest knowing that you’ll have access to our complete membership solution at a FIXED, LOW monthly fee.

Where as with the other guys, you will pay per member, and that will add up in a short amount of time.

Having a fixed monthly fee will save you in the long run. 

Advanced Software that's Easy to use!

Slide Custom Memberships With our advanced and easy to use software, you have full control over every aspect our your system.

Set your own fees, keep 100% of the profit, regain control, eliminate the middleman.
Slide Easily Add Members Adding new members to the system should be easy and painless... And with the My Smile Advantage software, that's exactly what you get.

Add new members in just minutes and save your valuable time with our streamlined software!
Slide Member Management With the My Smile Advantage software you have the ability to easily manage every aspect of your members with ease.

View & edit members: Contact & Location info, Subscription & Payments, and Member History
Slide Payment Tracking Access everything you need with our advanced payment tracking.

Filter payments by date and/or office, View total payments, refunds, and unsuccessful payments, and view a complete list of all commissions listed by date for each individual.
Slide Detailed Deposit Reporting Have a complete view of your incoming deposits, helps you better plan.

With our detailed deposit reporting, you'll have a crystal clear view of all your current and past deposits, future deposits, and a daily status.
Slide Membership Metrics At a glance see detailed reports on all your sales, for all your programs month after month. Complete with sales trends, total members... all filterable and sortable give you the exact information you need at the exact time you need it.

Smile Advantage offers its members custom marketing plans that will guarantee your success… Unlike the other guys who outsource their marketing to a 3rd party company. 

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Put money back in your pocket...

with our REBATE program

We’ve negotiated with companies on your behalf to offer our exclusive rebates just for being a part of Smile Advantage!

These nice kickbacks help offset the monthly expenditure of your membership program and apply to products you are already purchasing.

That’s just free money back in your pocket.

We’ve seen our participating dental offices receive rebates of up to $2,984!

We've seen rebates
as high as:

$ 0

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Want to see how Smile Advantage can grow your practice?

We assure that you’ll see incredible revenue growth, all while providing a much-needed community service. The offices that are participating in the Smile Advantage program are seeing dramatic results in attracting new patients, growing a larger patient base of fee for service patients, retaining existing patients, reactivating lost patients, converting insured patients, and increasing overall patient compliance.