Welcome to Smile Advantage!

Welcome to Smile Advantage! We are thrilled to partner with you in your quest to grow your practice, gain independence from the hassles of traditional dental insurance companies, and provide your patients with an enjoyable, frictionless dental experience. Our team is ready to get you started but we need a little help from you first. We’ve provided a checklist to keep you on track. Please allow at least 30 minutes to complete the process as it is crucial to get your program launched successfully and accurately.

Step 1

Activate Your Merchant Account

First things first, we’ll need to get you set up with our payment gateway partner, Rectangle Health. Included in your Smile Advantage subscription is access to Rectangle Health’s Payment Bridge. This bridge allows you to sync your subscription payments to your PMS ledger.

Getting your processing account set up is super duper easy. Simply use the button below to schedule a set up with our dedicated Rectangle Health rep. When your patients/members payments run through our dashboard, Rectangle will process those payments and deposit the funds into your bank account directly!

Step 2

How to Price Your Plans

Monthly vs Annual Plans

How much should your plans cost?

One of the most critical steps in launching your custom membership program is to set up your plan prices appropriately. In this video, you will hear from one of our membership expert that will provide some tips to help you set up your fees correctly from the start.

**This is a very important step in building profitable membership program. Feel free to pause the video and take notes or consult with your internal team if you need to collect additional data before settling on a price for your plans.

Step 3

Get some Program Inspiration

Visual examples always help right? If you’re having trouble envisioning your membership program, take a peek at how some of our other clients have built their programs. 

Step 4

Complete your Onboarding Form

Ok, you made it to the final step. By clicking the button below, you’ll be guided through our program building steps. This is where you will highly customize your entire program. 

Need a little help finishing this up?