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We’d love to hear about how your office is using Smile Advantage to grow your patient base and growing your business. We’ve included a few tips for recording your video and some questions to help you. Feel free to elaborate on anything else you love about Smile Advantage even if it’s not a question we have listed.

Video Recording Checklist

Tips for sucess

What we'd love to hear from you

Choose a few or all of the following questions to answer.

Ideas for Lighting

If you have access to a large window, we recommend facing the window so your face is lit up by daylight.

If you are inside an office, be sure to turn as many lights on as possible before recording.

Option 1: Place phone on a desk or holder

• Find a secure place to stand your phone up so it is at eye level. On a shelf, box or a smartphone desk stand if you have one.


• If you have a desktop stand or holder, that works great also.

Option 2: Holding your phone

Be sure to hold your phone with fully extended arm and slightly above eye level.

Hold as steady as possible and hold as still as possible.

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